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RSN was established in 1975 as part of the former Decca Survey Group. The company has since 1984 been part of the Racal Survey Group of Companies, which is owned by Racal Electronics Plc in London. RSN specialises in survey, positioning, operation of the SkyFix Global DGPS Network and ROV services as contractor in the offshore Oil and Gas Industry.  The Racal Survey Group has a fleet of 2 survey DP Class 2 vessels and 41 ROVs. The Racal Survey Group operates in 30 countries world wide, with operational region offices in the UK, Holland, Norway, Azerbaijan, Southern Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East, China, Australia, South America and North America. Company Head Quarter is situated in Chessington, England.


Role and contribution

RSN will in addition to ROV equipment and personnel provide quayside facilities with indoor and outdoor areas, including underwater training and experimental site. RSN will use the experience from the entire Racal Group as input during the specification and project planning phase in order to ensure that the project objectives are relevant to the industry and therefore also the market. RSN will make their industry standard ROVs available to the project as well as their inshore test facilities and qualified personnel and they will be in charge of validation relevant to the offshore industry. RSN will also be responsible for the important exploitation relative to the offshore markets.



RSN have been installing and operating all kinds of positioning equipment since our establishment in 1975. Presently we operate a Global Differential GPS system called SkyFix, which is used, on all types of survey related projects, especially within the Oil and Gas Industry. Our main activity offshore is seabed mapping including pipelines, platform and wellheads, by using multibeam and acoustic camera technology. Over the last ten years we have extended our services to include ROV services on a variety of survey, construction support and cable laying projects. RSN has full in-house ROV capabilities, with ROV systems, tools and manipulators, workshops, personnel and Project Management.



RSN owns Sealion Work ROVs and has access to the Racal Survey Group's resources of other ROV systems. We have a 70m long deepwater quay and 400 sq. m ROV workshop, as well as mobile offices. Permanent facilities of 600 sq. m office and laboratory space, and electronic workshops including data processing and charting facilities on Sun Ultra workstations and A0plotters. The offices are equipped with PC workstations on a main Network server.


Key Personnel

RSN will provide experienced project personnel with background from high precision survey projects and seabed mapping.

  • Eirik Tørressen, ROV Operations Manager, has an Engineering Degree from Bergen College of Engineering and broad experience in planning and Management of ROV projects.
  • John A. Vint is BSc Honours Degree in Surveying Science and Geography from University of Newcastle, and is our Survey Department Manager. He has 15 years experience in Racal Survey in survey activities. Berit H. Plassbak, our Area Surveyor with MSc in geodesy and photogrammetry from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. Neil Thomas Collier, our ROV Projects Supervisor with 7 years international experience from ROV operations.

Recent pertinent publications

  • E.Toerressen, R.K. Hansen. "ROV operations with the EchoScope 3D real time multibeam sonar", Ocean News and Technology, January/February 2000, pp. 34-35.


 Last Update:  May 17, 2001