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OmniTech AS was established in 1989 and was the first producer of a commercial 3D underwater acoustic camera - the EchoScope 1600. It has taken lots of effort and time to develop this technology and the last phase of the development was done in the above-mentioned VENICE project. During 1998 and 1999 the system has been subjected to a number of trials and a number of jobs have been successfully carried out. In 1999, orders for 2 units have already been obtained, resulting in increased turnover and profit to OmniTech


Role and contribution

OmniTech is interested in further development of the acoustic camera technology, especially development of applications. Also integration with optical camera is important and the combined sensor will be offered to the world market. The ARROV project is in-line with the strategy of the company and will strengthen its competitiveness considerably. OmniTech will provide the project with their unique technology on 3D acoustic imaging technology and will further develop their acoustic camera to fit the needs of the project. OmniTech will co-ordinate the project and will be exploitation manager for the project.



OmniTech has developed the world's first acoustic 3D camera - the EchoScope 1600. As sole supplier of this innovative technology, OmniTech is well positioned to carry out further development and integration with optical sensors into an AR sensor and control system. OmniTech participated in the VENICE project supported by Brite-Euram.



OmniTech manages a production site with laboratories and an inshore underwater test facility. OmniTech also operates and builds acoustic 3D cameras and develops the associated software for real time operation and subsequent processing.


Key personnel

  • Dr.Scient Rolf Kahrs Hansen has his PhD on acoustical imaging and he is doing project management, company management as well as software development and algorithm design. He was also a project evaluator for the European Commission on the Brite-Euram program.
  • B.Sc Poul Arndt Andersen is electronics engineer and research scientist. He designs electronic boards, parallel processing systems as well as Asics to be used in imaging hardware.
  • B.Sc. Erik Eknes is acoustics engineer and research scientist. He designs mechanical parts and peforms pressure testing of subsea equipment. He is an expert on the operation of the acoustic 3D camera, both offshore and inshore.

Recent pertinent publication

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