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Role and contribution

The main interests of the CESI, related to ARROV, lie in modular ROV design, hardware and software, sensor design and their integration with the other components in order to prototype a ROV and after all in testing it during the inspection of dams, submerged tunnels and sealines. Therefore, the contribution of CESI in this project will concern mainly with the subsystems integration and the validation of the results. In particular, CESI is involved in WP2, WP3, WP4, WP7, WP8 and WP10. Moreover, CESI will contribute in the project definition and exploitation.



Established in 1956, CESI, a private company belonging to the ENEL GROUP (Italy's largest Electricity supplier) operates in 35 countries world-wide and has 40 years of market growth. A market leader in testing, certification of electromechanical equipment and electrical power system studies, CESI offers the services of its widely reputed technicians to electrical utilities, electromechanical industry, electronics manufacturers, and large-scale users of electricity. From 1 January 2000 CESI has enlarged its activities in the liberalisation of the Italian electricity network with the consequent reorganisation inside the Enel Group having acquired Enel R&D activities (in generation, transmission, distribution, final use of energy, environment and renewable energy fields). The merger between these two organisations of repute, CESI and Enel Research, has produced a company of 1,100 personnel covering activities such as global power consultancy, contract research organisation, provision of services and special equipment for the electricity industry. The competence, know how, knowledge and contacts acquired by CESI now combine with the strong tradition of CISE, a company (incorporated in Enel Research in 1998) which has been operating for more than 50 years in generation, environment and materials.

The shareholders of the new CESI will represent  different fields in the electricity sector: electrical utilities (Enel Group, Edison, Sondel, Aem of Milan and Turin), the Italian Independent System Operator (GRTN), leading European electromechanical groups (ABB, Alstom, Pirelli, Schneider, Ansaldo, Siemens etc), and industrial users. Its structure is composed by six business areas

  1. Power generation processes
  2. Transmission and distribution networks
  3. Industrial applications, renewable energies and final uses of energy
  4. Environment
  5. Tests and components
  6. Certification

In particular Power generation processes activities cover the technologies for improvement to generation systems and their optimal operation, i.e.:

  1. power production innovative technologies;
  2. operation reliability and safety;
  3. life cycle extension of  material and components;
  4. process and structural diagnostics;
  5. automation technologies.

In this area has been developed a conspicuous experience in the design and prototyping of high performance ROVs and in their use in underwater inspection services of sea-lines,  cables and inside



CESI, for robotics activities, manages a laboratory equipped with four Silicon Graphics multimedia workstations (ONYX and O2), four Digital Alpha workstations, various PCs with many facilities in order to record and process digital and analogue video signals (e.g. a Silicon Graphics visual workstation 540 with Dv.now board, which offers full DV quality video editing, and systems incorporating PC104 CPU boards with Ajeco, Digital-Logic or Matrox Video Frame Grabbers, under embedded WINNT, WINNT and/or Linux operating systems). The available digital image processing packages are: IDL (Research Systems Software Vision), AVS (Advanced Visual Systems), MATLAB Image processing Toolbox (The Mathworks), EIKONA (University of Thessaloniki), PACCO (University of Pavia). In the laboratory, besides the usual electronic instrumentation and tools, there is also a basin for the indoor testing of ROVs.


Key personnel

CESI plans to contribute to this project in the person of Luigi BISONE, Gaetano BALDINI, and other specialised personnel. Their experience and qualification is demonstrated by the short curriculum vitae and the cited scientific publications.

  • Luigi Bisone, graduate in Physics with cybernetic orientation, since 1967 he is employed in the research applied to the control of industrial processes in the field of electric power production. From 1992 he is attending to robotized inspection systems, among which that's so the underwater vehicles.
  • Gaetano Baldini has worked from 1970 to the present at the ENEL Research (now CESI) where he was concerned with machinery noise and diagnostics and with structural and computational acoustics and vibration. He investigated the generation and propagation of sound in industrial ducts with flow, on the basis both a thorough theoretical analysis and of experimental investigations, in particular on the low frequency noise due to gas turbine exhausts in power plants. He carried out a derivation for the sound pressure distribution in a liquid surrounding a free submerged turbulent jet and developed numerical codes for the airborne and underwater wave propagation by using the parabolic approximation. For all the above mentioned problems, a satisfactory agreement with the experimental data was obtained. Actually he devotes considerable attention to the design, testing and installation of integrated systems for the monitoring and the surveillance of critical component of plants by using audio and video sensors.    

Recent pertinent publications

  • L. Bisone et alii An advanced man-machine interface to teleoperate a vehicle used for coal moving operations, ANIPLA – AUTOMAZIONE, Milano, 1997
  • Gaetano Baldini, Luigi Bisone et alii New Technologies for the Operation Management from the Control Room of Thermal Power Units, INTERKAMA - ISA TECH, Hannover, 1999
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  • G. Baldini On the prevision of noise generated in confined fluid flows, Inter-Noise, Avignon, 1988
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