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Augmented Reality for Remotely Operated Vehicles
based on 3D acoustical and optical sensors 
for underwater inspection and survey


ARROV is financed from the European Community within the Fifth Framework Programe, specific research and technological development programme "Competitive and Sustainable Growth"



This project aims at improving the applicability and performance of multifunctional Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) for the inspection, monitoring and survey of underwater environments and manmade installations.

The goal of the project will be achieved by developing a novel integrated sensorial system, which will exploit both optical and acoustical data to provide the ROV pilot with an augmented representation of the scene (augmented reality).

The system will be also able to automatically synthesise a 3D model of the scene from sensorial data (model acquisition). Moreover, a unified man machine interface will be provided to control a ROV as well as the sensors mounted on board.

The project will develop advanced technologies for underwater oil and gas exploration, in general power production iinstallations, and bring these forward to a series of important applications devoted to unmanned survey and monitoring of these resources.


 Last Update: May 17, 2001